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  Elfo-BlasterHigh performance sandblaster

We have developed Sandblasting process equipment with the direct air pressure system,

Elfo-Blaster, by making the best application of the compressed high air pressure.

Elfo-Blaster can control the abrasive blasting rate optionally.

Compared with the conventional Sandblasting equipments in the market, Elfo-Blaster

is the most efficient blaster possible and accurate fabrication is available.

From the micro processing and fabrication to popular sandblasting fabrications extensively, we believe Elfo-Blaster can give you best satisfaction.

  Patterning Equipment    Masking Materials

Patterning euipment for minute sandblast processing

Masking materials for minute sandblast processing
Developing euipment high-pressure mist typeElfo Mist Jetting  

Elfo Mist Jetting applies technology of Elfo Blaster and sprays a mist at high-pressure in substitution for abrasives. This is the totally new technology that developed dry film/photoresists such as the liquid cash register screen plate-making efficiently in high precision. By using this Elfo Mist Jetting, it is possible to form a very minute pattern in high precision and in a high aspect in the field of the electronic parts which it was not able to process conventionally and a field the print.

High-pressure washing application
 High-pressure mist washing equipment

A small amount of cleaning solvent of 1/10 or less compared with the past/other development processes makes a more effective washing possible by the cleaning solution's being sprayed by the high pressure as for a fine clearance because a small amount of cleaning solution jetted from the nozzle is made the mist by high-pressure air, it is accelerated, and it is jetted. 


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