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High Performance System Elfo-Blaster

Blasting System-Directair Pressure Model

ESmall and compact size abrasive constant feeling device

EControl abrasive blasting rate optionally by rotational speed of motor

EFrom 0,01 MPa to 0.4 MPa, a constant abrasive feeling

EThe abrasive is supplied by the equipment


High Performance Filtering System

EHigh performance filtering system available on Elfo Blaster

EStainless steel 500 mesh (26m inletj filter available to use

@iin case of abrasive particle size 20m on averagej

EMesh cleaning device- Clog resistant design

ENo foreign particle-Decrease chipping problems work materials

ENo foreign particle- No clog between patterns


EIonizer gets rid of static electricity 100%

Ionizer at right and left sides of nozzle blows plus and minus high voltage in order to get rid of static electricity.

Consultation of device and processing


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