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Thank you indeed for visiting the homepage of Elfo-tec.


Elfo-tec, our company’s name came from that Elfo means “Sylph soul” in Esperand and developing the technologies by the use of air.


We  developed Sandblast equipment 'Elfoblaster' with the direct air pressure type system that uses the maximum energy of high-pressure air as the technology, the direct pressure type high-pressure mist atomization system 'Elfo Mist Jetting', and the dry substrate washing equipment 'Elfo Dry Cleaner'


It is thought that you can widely use ' Elfoblaster ', ' Elfo Mist Jetting ', and ' Elfo Dry Cleaner ' from the field of a new microscopic, precise processing to the field of a general Sandblast processing for the application semiconductor business and other applications.

Elfotec will develop customer required products for your  future satisfaction continuously by our best efforts.

Please have your visit to our Home page again and enjoy our products and services.

Sincerly yours,

                                                     Shinji Kanda


Elfo-tec Co., Ltd.