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Corporate History

2000.09 Private company opened at Moriyama-ku, Nagoya-city ,Aichi-prefecture
2001.02 Formal Elfotec company limited established
2002.11 Manufacturing Plant moved to the present location
2003.09  Increased capital stock to 10M Japanese Yen and moved HQ office to the present office.
2003.12   Company limited organization Change
 2005.02 Increased Capital stock 20MJapanease Yen
 2007.09 Second Mfg. Plant operation started
 2009.08 Received Japanease government funding approval for the manufacturing technology development, small and medium enterprise
2009.09  Based on the above Government funding approval, started the following 3 technology development for solar battery mfg, trasnsparent electrode formation and metal layer patterning for flat panel display and electric component mfg.