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Sandblast Processing 

Microscopic Sandblast processing (micro blast processing)


A minute pattern is cutting processed to materials such as the glass ceramic silicon wafer ferrites and the metals.

After forming the mask pattern with the dry film resist,

The abrasive of particle diameter 10μm  is sprayed by high-pressure air and patterns of holing the open processing and the ditch processing, etc. are cut.

Metal Powder Jetting

Power Jet Coating

PJC Processing


The metallic surface hardness great is improved without transforming the material by spraying the corpuscle.


The thin film of about 12μm is formed with spraying epoxy resin, the teflon resin, and the metal powder end on the glass ceramic and the surface of the metal.

Dry Powdered Polishing

Thin film removal

Cutting and polishing the substrate surface jetting fine particles with high pressure air along to the base material surface.

The thin film formed on the silicon wafer and the glass substrate is removed.

It puts it into the state that thin film formation can do again.


Groundwork processing


The dirt of the surface is removed by spraying the corpuscle by high-pressure air.


The oxide etc. are removed by spraying a detailed abrasive on the surface of the material.The amount of sticking of bonding and plating is raised by expanding the surface area.

satin finished surface

Surface Dulling

It processes on a rough side and the pear ground of the surface of the material is processed.Various pear ground can be processed according to the kind of abrasives.

Minute scraps can be cleaned by spraying a powder that is softer than the material.

Cleaning Process

High pressure air type dryfilms resist developing


A small amount of cleaning solvent of 1/10 or less compared with the past/other development processes makes a more effective washing possible by the cleaning solution's being sprayed by the high pressure as for a fine clearance because a small amount of cleaning solution jetted from the nozzle is made the mist by high-pressure air, it is accelerated, and it is jetted.The cleaning solution can use a purified water and the exclusive use and organic a solvent.

Dry Cleaner


It is a cleaning processing that removes dirt and the corpuscle that adheres to machine parts by collecting the fine particle in the collection box where the inside was made negative pressure while spraying the fine particle on the material.

By using it together with the cleaning of the sandblasting , dirt and the corpuscle that adheres strongly can be completely removed.

High accuracy patterning process

High accuracy electroformed processing


After high accuracy patterning process by the high-pressure mist development, minute parts are manufactured by plating.


High accuracy screen printing


High accuracy screen printing is produced by the high-pressure mist development.


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