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Microscopic Sandblasting iMS Processing)


The trust of the microscopic sandblasting processing can be processed.

Minute hole processing and minute ditch processing are avairable.

Please feel free to call us of a small amount of processing.

Applicable material

Glass substrate (soda, borosilicic acid, Pyrex, and others)

ceramic substrate (alumina, silicon nitride, silicon carbide, and others)

Silicon wafer, carbon material and ferrite, metal, and PZT another

Processing example      

  3ƒÊmƒKƒ‰ƒXa‰ÁH}   20umƒKƒ‰ƒXa‰ÁH} ƒZƒ‰ƒ~ƒbƒNƒMƒA}

  glass channel processing on the glass iprocess width 30um) processing depth 40um glass channel processing (process width 20um) processing depth 10ƒÊm Ceramic Gear fabrication
ishape processing from boardj
    ‹à‘®a‰ÁH}   ƒZƒ‰ƒ~ƒbƒNƒsƒ“—§‚Đ}  
   silicon wafer dimple processing metal (sus)  channel processing depth 35um  ceramic pin setting up  
ƒKƒ‰ƒX’f–ÊŒ`óƒRƒ“ƒgƒ[ƒ‹}  ƒKƒ‰ƒX‰ÁH’f–ʐ} 
@The processing section shape iscontrolled @Processing section shape

(conventional type)

Processing equipments in our plant

Processing process

@@@Mask patterning equipment
 ƒ‰ƒ~ƒl[ƒ^} ˜IŒõ‹@}  ƒXƒsƒ“ƒR[ƒ^}
One Laminator  Two exposure machines   One spin coater machine
‚ˆ³ƒ~ƒXƒgŽ®Œ»‘œ‹@‚Q  ƒXƒNƒŠ[ƒ“»”Å‹@
One shower type developer machine Two high-pressure mist type developer machines One screen printer
Sandblast machine for micro fabrication

One large-scale blaster equipment

i950mm in the maximum process width)

Five medium blaster equipments

i450mm in the maximum process width)

One medium test equipment

i300mm in the maximum process width)

Three small test equipments

i150mm in the maximum process width)


Consultation of device and processing


Please inquire of Here.