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Pattern Formation consumables

EPhotosensitive liquid resist for microscopic Sandblast processing

The photoresist layer thickness is optionally adjustable by the spin coater rotation speed. The wear-out of resist layer is a very little even if the same layer thickness;

Our product has very high durability for the sandblasting process and it will last to the Sandblast processing for a long time compared with the normal photosensitive dry film. The developer uses a special solvent system developer (No flashing point with mixing water).

EPhotosensitive dry film resist for microscopic Sandblast processing

The pattern mask is put, exposed after it puts it on the substrate by using laminating machine with a photosensitive dry film resist for the microscopic Sandblast processing, and it develops it with the alkali developer. The working efficiency is good because there is no necessity in the application dryness like the liquid resist for the film resist.

EDry film resist water-soluble adhesive

After the blasting process because it melts to water by the adhesive to put it on three-dimensional processing work after the pattern is formed with a photosensitive dry film resist is processed, it is possible to remove it by washing in normal water.

EMask Screen ink for microscopic Sand blast processing

Resist is patterning printed with the screen process printing and it is assumed masking for the sandblasting finish. There are two kinds (the ultraviolet rays curing type and the heating type).

Consultation of device and processing

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