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Feature of Elfo Mist Jetting equipment

EFine pattern formation @ideveloping and etching processj

It can be jetted to the clearance of the pattern with the fine mist jetted from the nozzle by the high-pressure smoothly, and a conventional pump type developing equipment in the photoresist developing process cannot make fine pattern formation, however this equipment can do.

EDrastic reduction of water consumption @iat developing process, water washing process , and etching process)

Elfo Mist Jetting , developing equipment can decrease the atomization liquid amount to 1/10 or less compared with the shower or pump method conventional equipment using the pump because of high-pressure fine mist jetting for the developer, washing water and etching solution during the developing process, the cleaning process, and the etching process.

EDecreasing skirt shape pattern  ( at development process)

The swelling of the photoresist is suppressed to mist spray the developer while blowing off the developers collected between patterns by high-pressure jetting on the pattern clearance, it is developed to the corner part of the pattern neatly, and skirt shape pattern for the resist pattern is decreased.

EControl of processing pressure (during development, water washing, and etching process)

Injected developer, cleaning water and etching solution thru mist jetting nozzle for high pressure liquid jetting can be controlled by high pressure air control with pneumatic pressure regulator for high accuracy control. The pressure value of a high-pressure liquid and the pressure of high-pressure air are settable by the touch panel .freely.

Consultation of device and processing

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