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Elfo Mist Jetting Cleaner


A minute concave part is a perfect cleaning because of the high-pressure mist

Because the high-pressure mist jetted from the slit nozzle never stall, the perfect cleaning is possible in a minute concave part.

Cleaning solution total elimination

High-pressure air can be jetted from the slit nozzle by the automatic operation and the cleaning solution be removed completely.

Decrease of amount of cleaning solution use

 We adopted the slit nozzle design because of minimum developer liquid use with mist condition and high efficiency by high pressure air. Liquid measure of the jet a minute can be washed with 0.50.8 liter and a small amount of cleaning solution.

The jetting pressure, optionally adjustable design

Optional setting mechanism for developer pressure and the jetted high-pressure air by using the pneumatic pressure regulator and high pressurized developer. 

The processing parameters adjustable design thru the touch panel for easy adjustment.

The high-pressure mist type washing equipment

Small washing equipment

Substrate washing equipment

Screen printing washing equipment

Roller washing equipment

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Consultation of device and processing

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