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Usage of DPP(Dry Powdered Polishing) process equipment

Edge deletion processing for thin-film solar cell battery

ESurface roughness finishing, 67% drastic improvement @ edge deletion process

Comparing the edge deletion process by conventional sandblast process, surface roughness finish has been drastically improved almost to less than 1/3 level with same process efficiency and improvement for the issue gpolishing material sticking in the substrateh 

EProcess Cost saving compared with the sandblast processing

If same surface roughness finish level for the edge deletion as the sandblast processing is required, its processing tact time with lager size of polishing particle will be shorter than the sandblast processing case.

EMaintenance is easy.

Easy maintenance due to no cabinet use.

EEnabling for edge deletion processing without masking

It is possible to process the edge deletion process without masking, this means no masking on the substrate and no mounting of masking plate.

EThe consumption of the abrasive is a little.

Compared with the sandblasting  jetted right above, damage and the consumption of the abrasive decrease  so that the abrasive may run on the surface of the substrate.

Removal Saw Mark of Crystal Solar Battery

EThe surface grinding of the substrate is possible at a low price, because the grinding material is made to run on the surface of the substrate.

Pattern formation of transparent electrode

After microscopic sandblasting process, surface polishing process

Preprocessing of surface of printed wiring board copper

The removal of oxide film on the metal surface

Consultation of device and processing


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