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Feature of Dry-Powder-Polishing(DPP)

The surface-roughness can be lowered. .
Compared with the past minute Sand blast, the DPP can be suppressed to low 1/3 or less the surface-roughness so that the abrasive ground may start on the surface of the material. The processing efficiency becomes a past Sand blast processing and equal.

The optical transmittance is not lowered.

By using the abraisive for the DPP processing, the optical transmittance is not lowered. Cutting the pattern of the transparent electrode  becomes possible.

Remaining of the abrasive in the material decreases.

Compared with the sand blast that jets the abrasive right above the substrate,the abrasive doesn't remain because there is a piercing sticking in the material of the abrasive either so that the abrasive may run on the material surface.

It is possible to grind low-cost.
By the method of making high-pressure air run on the surface of the processing work, the surface grinding can be done simply low-cost. It is possible to grind the saw mark of silicon wafer for solar battery.

Dry-Powder-Polishing(DPP) Machine

Thin Film Solar Battery Edge Deletion Test Machine

DPP Test Machine

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