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Directair Pressure Type Euipment

Conventional directair pressure type euipment pressurize it in the pressurizing tank, and lead abrasives from abrasive introduction hole to abrasive adjustment pipe and high air pressure to the abrasive adjustment pipe.

The abrasives in the pressurizing tank is supplied to the direct pressure type nozzle through the sandblast hose with high pressure air, and jetted from nozzle tip.

Directair pressure type can process it by high power, and the abrasives jetted from the nozzle is jetted straight compared with suction type. Because the fluid mixture of the abrasives and the high-pressure air pressurized from the nozzle is jetted directly.

This type can use various nozzles like round and the slit type ,etc. It is possible to facilitate the processing of a narrow part such as inside of pipe.

But, it becomes difficult to control the amount of the jetted abrasives because the structure is complex.

For such reasons the price of the euipment becomes expensive.But if the jet can control minutely, the processing ability become high more efficient, and accuracy become higher.

Suction type increase the number of the nozzle to raise the euipment ability. The equipmnt ability twice or more is obtained by doubling the diameter of the nozzle tip.

The euipment ability falls when the nozzle is worn out and extend for suction type. The euipment ability shows the tendency to go up when the nozzle is worn out for directair type.